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Top Programs Recommended for Attending This Coming Month

Oil & Gas Technology for Managers (18-29 Nov 14 Dubai, 13-24 Dec 14 San Francisco)

Inventory Management (27 Nov-8 Dec 14 London, 13-24 Dec 14 San Francisco)

Maintenance Management  (18-29 Nov 14 Dubai, 27 Nov-8 Dec 14, 13-24 Dec 14 San Francisco)│

Project Contracts Management (18-29 Nov 14 Dubai)│

Power Plant Management & Audit (18-29 Nov 14 Dubai)│

Effective Project Planning & Scheduling (18-29 Nov 14 Dubai)│  

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ContractsOil & Gas Project  ║Procurement Auditing CAD-EDMS Electrical Engineering Environment Finance HRD IP/R&D IT for Business KnowledgeMaintenance Marketing Management & Leadership Safety Security  Health Care  ║Customer & PR

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4 Week+ Professional Certification Program Links (Career Builders)

ContractsOil & Gas Project  ║Procurement Auditing CAD-EDMS Electrical Engineering Environment Finance HRD IP/R&D IT for Business KnowledgeMaintenance Marketing Management & Leadership Safety Security  Health Care  ║Customer & PR

Now You can Attend Via Two-Way Video Conferencing From Anywhere in the World at 50% Fee Discount On Any of the Offered Dates

Our Mission...

ETL is committed to Researching the Industry Best Practices, and, Incorporating them into ETL's Training Services, Processes and Programs. ETL is committed to maintain market leadership position in providing Top-of-the-Line Practical Skill Development Training Programs to our Customers.

When you attend you get...

  1. Multi-Discipline Look at the Issues - Unique to Euro Training Ltd Programs!! Meaning? When we discuss the Issues we take into account the relevant Technology-Management-Audit-Quality-Productivity-Legal-other Viewpoints.

  2. Good & Best Industry Practices - Researched, Benchmarked and Communicated in each Program!!

  3. Checklist Approach for Ease of Understanding and Practical Application

  4. Latest Technologies - including IT, Quality Assurance, Improvement Methodology

  5. Quality Assurance => Quality Improvement incorporated in each program

  6. One Instructor per 5 Students - Small training groups for a Real Learning Experience!

  7. Instructors Industry Experts 15+ years industry experience - not Academicians!! When Academicians attend they will gain understanding of Industry Multi-discipline aspects to be considered before real decision making - so they can effective communicate these aspects to their students.

  8. Programs designed as modules so participants can attend 1 to 4 weeks at a time and complete full program in stages. Ask for details.

  9. Letters of Recommendation from the Program Director/s for the Exceptional Performers. (At sole discretion of the Program Director/s)

  10. All Program Venues are in Central Tourist Areas - so you can enjoy your evenings with just a stroll.

For Training Managers:

Please ask for copies of post-program evaluation and benchmarking forms filled by participants from your geographic area. Past Participants have consistently rated our programs "Much Better" than what they attended before - on almost all criteria including "Practical Usefulness for their job" and "Expertise of the Program Director's".

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We Do our Best to Make Every Training Program you Attend a Life Changing Opportunity for You.  Target =>  Organizational Internal Leadership. Service Leadership, Product Leadership.

When it comes to Understanding the Practical Bigger Picture (Strategic View) Training Programs your Choice should be is Euro Training Ltd.

We are No. 1 in Incorporating Good & Best Management Practices in Most of Our Training Programs!!

Take the Risk - Come and Attend!!  It May Be the Best Decision You Made Recently!!

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