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Future Artificial Intelligence Supported Society, Economy, and Individual Lifestyles


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to transform our lives and fortunes. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will support society, economy, and individual lifestyles offering immense opportunities for progress, convenience, innovation and transformation, but also pose challenges that require careful consideration and ethical guidance. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will enhance efficiency and decision-making across sectors such as healthcare, education, and transportation. AI-powered systems will assist doctors in diagnosing diseases, optimize personalized learning experiences for students, revolutionize transportation and lead to efficient governance. Societal concerns lie in ethical and societal implications of AI. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the driving force behind automation and digital transformation. It will boost productivity and create new industries while disrupting traditional job roles. Businesses will leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) for data analysis, customer service, and process optimization, leading to increased competitiveness. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to redefine lifestyles. Smart homes will be run using AI-powered devices and AI-generated content to meet individual entertainment and learning preferences. Privacy and security concerns will be handled through regulations. Those who do not leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) for work they will be left behind doing the low paying jobs.
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Future Human Lifestyle


Connected World will become One. Unconnected societies will have a parallel different existence, they will be like the rural communities of today. Future lies in Smart Cities: Urban centers that have Controlled Inside home and public-places environments, Smart AI-driven traffic management systems, energy-efficient buildings, and real-time data analysis to improve city living. Increasing Remote Working will be enabled through advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted communication and collaboration tools. Personal healthcare will get personalized leveraging AI, Wearable Devices and Remote Diagnostic tools. Sustainable Lifestyle through Electric vehicles, Personalized Public Transport, Shared Vehicles, Renewable energy and Sustainable agriculture. AI-Assisted Personalized and Individual Paced Education is the future. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will transform entertainment, education, and even shopping. Transition to clean energy sources will happen. Biotechnology and Genetics will bring increased life expectancy, with innovations like CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing. National Digital Currencies and maybe Cryptocurrencies may reshape financial systems, through providing decentralized, low-cost and secure transactions. AI-powered virtual personal assistants will handle daily tasks. Travel will change, Virtual Travel may become more realistic, Space Travel may become possible and affordable. AI-driven personalized customized marketing and purchase will increase. Climate Change Mitigation will grow in reducing impact and changes in designs including Controlled Pollution Protected Indoor environments. Artists will rely increasingly on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools and Assistants. AI-generated art, music, and literature will challenge traditional notions of creativity.
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Future of Work and Jobs


Connected World will become One Job Market for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IT Enabled Jobs. Working from home and nearby facilities using all types of enabling IT & Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. Job Heavy lifting and Repetitive Tasks will be done by Robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems. The Good Old Personal Assistants will be back as Robotic Personal Assistants (RPAs) and they will be empowered with Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) abilities and performing Routine and Heavy Lifting Jobs ("Hello Google" is just the start). Wearable, Implanted and other Sensors will be common for Security, Instructions, Data Collection, Diagnostics and Data Exchange. Augmented, Virtual Reality and Vidar type 4D (time) Work Tools will become Remote Job enablers. BOTS with Regenerative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Skills will be common tool for Customer Service multiplying productivity. Job Insecurity and Job Freedom will increase through GIG market of freelances and contractor staff. Current GIG Economy Employee satisfaction in 75-90%, so Job Satisfaction Levels will increase (for those who have the new jobs). Continual Learning will be using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, encouraging Global Entrepreneurship. High paying jobs will demand difficult to automate Multi-Domain Skills, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. Working till later in life will become possible. Jobs will become Globalized.
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Future of Education and Learning


Quality Education will become Global for the Connected. Future of Education lies in Live Connections to the Top Institutions, Online Access to the Worlds Accumulated Knowledge translated from every Language, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems will Help Extract the Best Technologies and Methodologies from the Worldwide Cumulative Knowledgebase, Technology Integration with Learning will be Everywhere, Online Learning, Personalized Self-Paced Real or Virtual Instructor Assisted Coach and access to IT Infrastructure. Online Educational Resources will Increase Exponentially. Micro-Credentials with Artificial Intelligence (AI) expertise in narrow field of expertise will become more common, job competition will be heavy and global. Industry-Educator Coordination will increase as Technologies and Needs Change. Future Valued Skills one will have to excel in, and that are difficult to automate, will be Multi-Discipline Knowledge, Ability to differentiate between Knowledge and Mis-information, Innovation and Creativity, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Emotional Intelligence. Life-long Learning will be standard. Education will be Globalized and only limited by Access to IT and Communications Infrastructure and Government Controls. Ethical, Bias-Removal and Moral challenges will be common. Educators will become Facilitators of Learning, Guiding and Mentoring the students and will themselves need to gain skills in related Multi-Discipline Knowledge, Innovation and Creativity, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Emotional Intelligence. Future will demand Data Driven Tests and Education paths. Learning to Extract and determine Credibility of Job-related Knowledge from the Worldwide Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assisted Knowledgebases will become a Key Skill. Organizations and Nations will Produce and Restrict Access to Critical Knowhows and Knowledge Resources.
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Future of Healthcare


Healthcare Professionals will increasingly rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Robots to assist in Medical Condition Detection, Identification, Treatment and After-care. New Healthcare challenges will arise from Urbanization, Migration and increasing Economic Disparities. New Technology Tools for Remote and Early Identification, Diagnosis and Monitoring of health conditions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will enhance diagnostic accuracy, predict patient outcomes, and personalize treatment plans. Tailored personalized healthcare, based on individual genetic profiles, lifestyle, and environment, will become common. Precision medicine will enable more effective and targeted treatments. Advances in regenerative medicine will offer new treatments for a variety of conditions, regenerating damaged tissues and organs. There is a very good probability of extending human lifespan and combating aging processes through Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted treatments that can significantly increase life expectancy and improve the quality of life in later years. Mental health will become an Increasingly Important Healthcare Issue. Nanotechnology will revolutionize drug delivery with improved efficacy. Increased focus on global health security to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease outbreaks including WHO warned "Disease X" 20 times more lethal than the Covid 19. Ethical and regulatory challenges will resolve for genetic editing, data privacy, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Healthcare professionals will increase reliance on interdisciplinary teams and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology tools. New healthcare technology developments are likely in Artificial Organs & 3D Bioprinting of Organs, Genomic Editing & Therapy, Neurotechnology, Robot-assisted Surgery, Robot assisted After-care, Life-long Digital Health Records Sharing, Research Use and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Interpreting, Advances in Immunotherapy, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted Simulation IT Tools.
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Future of Wellness


Wellness Methods will be driven by advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled understanding and review of traditional knowledge like Yoga, Health data capture, development of measurement tools, deeper understanding of human health, and a growing emphasis on holistic well-being. Personalized Wellness Plans will be possible by genomics, biometrics or Yoga knowledge and experience. People will increase spending on health, fitness, nutrition, appearance and sleep. Mental health wellbeing will be in great demand due to reducing human-to-human interactions. Advanced wearable devices will provide the required data for Artificial Intelligence (AI) based systems to make recommendations. Holistic Health Approaches, Anti-aging Research, Environmental Impact Analysis, Diet & Nutritional Advances, Community-Social Wellness, Mind-Body Connection, Preventive Healthcare, Global Wellness Education, Workplace Wellness, VR and AR for Stress Reduction and Meditation, and Health Tourism. Deskbound lifestyles, poor diets, and rising obesity rates will contribute to various health issues, underscoring the need for public health initiatives promoting healthy living for Wellness. The spread of health misinformation, particularly through social media, will pose a challenge in ensuring the public receives accurate health information.
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Future of Old-age Care


Old-age care is poised to undergo significant transformations, driven by technological advancements, demographic shifts, and evolving societal attitudes towards aging. As life expectancy continues to rise, the demand for innovative and effective elder care solutions will grow. Technology will play a crucial role in this evolution, with advancements in AI, robotics, and telehealth enhancing the quality and accessibility of care. Smart homes equipped with sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistants will enable older adults to live independently for longer, monitoring health parameters and providing alerts in case of emergencies. Robotics will assist in daily tasks and mobility, while telehealth services will bring medical consultations and monitoring to the comfort of one's home, making healthcare more accessible. Community-based models of care, focusing on social engagement and emotional support, will gain prominence to maintain mental health. There will be a greater emphasis on preventive care, with personalized wellness programs designed to maintain physical and cognitive health. These changes will enhance the quality of life for older adults, and, also contribute to a more age-inclusive society. There is likely to be a shortage of old-age care workers.
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Future Emerging Health Issues and Challenges


The prevalence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer is expected to rise, partly due to lifestyle factors. This will strain healthcare systems and emphasize the need for effective chronic disease management and prevention strategies. The worldwide growing Obesity and Knee and Body Joint problems will continue. There will be a larger elderly population that will be cared for. As the population ages, there will likely be an increase in neurological disorders, including Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, requiring more specialized care and research. Mental health disorders will become a major health challenge. The rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria poses a significant threat to global health. Climate change is likely to exacerbate health problems and the spread of infectious diseases. The demand for healthcare professionals is expected to outpace supply, leading to workforce shortages and increased pressure on existing health workers, all this leading to using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics driven automation in the health care domain. WHO warns of "Disease X" 20 times more lethal than the Covid 19, this will call for an equitable global planning, and avoid causing a general global shutdown or selfish-driven responses which may not work (China shutdown but Covid 19 reportedly ultimately attacked its population, Africa feels let down from the last one).
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Future of Housing


Housing will change significantly driven by technological advancements, environmental concerns, global warming, sustainability and shifting social dynamics. Populations will need to move to sustainable locations. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Design will lead to sustainable eco-friendly housing including use of renewable energy sources, energy-efficient appliances, and sustainable building materials. Home design will incorporate working from home and increasingly studying from home. Homes will have features like green roofs, rainwater harvesting systems, renewable energy systems as standard. There will be an increasing use of Smart Home Technology including AI-powered systems for energy management, security, and daily task automation. Internet of Things (IoT) devices will enable homeowners to control and monitor their homes remotely, enhancing convenience and efficiency. Affordability will drive need for innovative design solutions to maximize space utilization using multi-functional furniture and modular homes. 3D Printed and Modular Home construction methods will make homes affordable and provide rapid housing solutions. Insulation Technologies and their Application will increase exponentially. Better indoor air management, air filtration systems, natural lighting, and spaces dedicated to physical activity and relaxation will become standard. There will be an integration of Urban Planning and Transportation Integration and connections to public transit hubs will become standard to reduce reliance on personal vehicles and promote walkable and shared-transport communities. There will be an Increased Focus on Environmentally Controlled Community and Shared Spaces like communal gardens, co-working spaces, and recreational facilities. There will be a Rise of Telecommuting for remote work and homes will be designed with dedicated and efficient workspaces.
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Future of Cities


Future Cities will incorporate Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Infrastructure, Smart City Technology, Vertical Cities and Green Architecture, Autonomous and Electric Transportation, Mixed-Use, Walkable Neighborhoods, Adaptive Reuse of Spaces, Digital Integration and Cybersecurity, Inclusivity and Accessibility, Water Management, Urban Agriculture and Localized Food Production, Resilience to Natural Disasters, Environmentally Controlled Community and Social Spaces, Decentralization of Workplaces, Urban Wellness and Health Focus. Designs will incorporate Advanced Construction Technologies, Integration of Nature, Personalized Public Services, Interactive and Responsive Environments, Enhanced Public Safety and Emergency Response, Energy-Efficient and Self-Sustaining Buildings, Advanced Healthcare Infrastructure, Cultural and Artistic Vibrancy, Global Connectivity, Ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI) Use and Governance.
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Future of Transportation


Transportation Technological advancements, environmental concerns, and changing societal needs will transform the Future Transportation, We will see more Autonomous Vehicles, Electric Vehicles (EVs), Hyperloop Type, High-Speed Rail, Urban Air Mobility eVTOL, Integrated Multimodal Transportation, Personalized Shared Transportation Services, Sustainable Bike or walking Transportation Infrastructure, Innovative Personal Mobility Device, Advanced Logistics and Freight Transportation, Smart and Connected Vehicles. There will be a Shift Towards Shared Mobility, Transportation as a Service (TaaS), Infrastructure for New Transportation Modes, Advancements in Maritime Transportation, Integration with Smart Cities, Adaptive Traffic Management, Increased Focus on Accessibility, Safety Innovations, Holographic and Virtual Reality Interfaces for Navigation & Control, Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Traffic Optimization, Biometric and AI-based Personalization, Collaborative Global Logistics Transportation Networks, Space Travel will increase.
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Future of Energy


Homes and Public places will become Energy Neutral. Energy Utilities load profiles will change both Time-of-Day and during Bad Weather. Sustainable and reliable energy sources of the future will include Solar, Wind, Nuclear Fission and Fusion, Green and Grey Hydrogen, Geothermal, Bio Energy, Ocean Energy, Space-based Solar Power, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), Nuclear Waste Recycling, Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting, Ambient Energy Harvesting, Methane Hydrates, Algae-based Biofuels. Supportive technologies that will advance and make a big difference will include Advanced Batteries, Wireless Energy Transmission, Artificial Photosynthesis to store energy, Hydrogen, Ammonia, Smart Grids, Liquid Air and Cryogenic Energy Storage, Synthetic Fuels produced from renewable energy. Future will see development of Carbon Capture, Offshore Nuclear, Offshore Wind, and Offshore Wave Energy.
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Future of Our Environment


Indoor Environment will be Managed to remove effects of increasing Pollution coming from Far and Near Lands. We will Learn to Deal with other Climate Change Impacts including Changing Sea Levels, increased frequency of extreme weathers, shifting weather patterns; Technological Solutions to Mitigate Environmental Challenges; Mitigated Urbanization and Smart Cities, Conservation of Bio-Diversity, Ocean Health Management, Migration of Populations from Vulnerable Areas, and Resource Management for Increasing Populations, Air Quality Improvement outdoor and Indoor, Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics. Geo Engineering to Reverse Environmental Impacts in Ocean Biodiversity, Changes in Agricultural Practices, Adaptation to Environmental Changes, Green Energy Transition, Water Scarcity Management, Eco-cities Development, Restoring Damaged Eco-Systems, Environment Related Migration, Redefined Urban Green Spaces, Weather Manipulation, Energy Efficient Technologies. Increased International Environmental Coordination and Cooperation, Environment Friendly Life-Styles, Building Circular Economies, and Innovations in Waste Management.
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Future of Commercial Agriculture


Water will be the Biggest Challenge for Agriculture. Best practices in minimizing water use will be key for agriculture. Growing Crops that use less water but provide good nutrition will become critical. Agriculture in the future will also incorporate Green Houses, Precision Technology Aided Agriculture, Automation & Robotics, Climate-Resilient Crops, Climate-Adaptive Agricultural Planning, Regenerative Agriculture, Sustainable Practices, Organic Farming, Genetic Modification, Developing Crops with Enhanced Food Value CRISPR, Vertical Farming, Urban Farming, Aquaculture Expansion, Supply Chain Optimization to Reduce Fresh Food Waste, Reducing Processed Food Waste, Lab-grown Meat and Plant-based Proteins, Agroforestry. New Initiatives we will see bringing benefits include Synthetic Biology and Bioengineering Created New Crops, Energy-Efficient Farming, Soil Health Monitoring & Management, Nanotechnology in Agriculture to deliver Fertilizer and Pesticides, Food Traceability & Safety through Blockchain, Support to Agri Startups.
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Future of Entertainment


Artists will leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to produce and deliver Art and Entertainment. Entertainment Technologies that will become common and widespread include Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), Interactive and Personalized Content, Holographic Displays and 3D Projection, AI-generated Content, Wearable and Implantable Technology, Social Media Evolution, Computer and Video Gaming, Cinematic Evolution, Cultural-Educational-Experience Integrated Entertainment, Gamification of Everyday Life, Global and Multicultural Content, Enhanced Reality Shows and Live Events, Global and Context Aware Entertainment, Remote Lifelike Experiences, Deepfake and Synthetic Media, Personal Artificial Intelligence (AI) Avatars and Companions. Other advances will be in Interactive and Immersive Museums & eMuseums, Revival and Reinvention of Traditional Arts, Customizable and Interactive Books, Neurotechnology and Brain-Computer Interfaces, Space Tourism and Extraterrestrial Experiences.
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Future of Family System


Future Family Systems will adjust to Job and technological advancements, cultural shifts, and evolving social norms. Family life changes we will experience include Working from Home leading to changes in Home-Layouts, Impact on work-life separation, Work-Life Balance and Parenting, Digital and Virtual Relationships, Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic for family chores, Decline in Birth Rates, Global Mobility Impacts, Increasing Multicultural Families, Education and Child Development. There will be Increasing need for Community and Social Support Systems to Keep Family together, Normalization of Non-Biological Families. Other Trends that are unavoidable include Home Redesign for Impact of Longevity, Changes in Housing and Living Space Needs, Changing Marriage Patterns, Diverse Family Structures, Digital Legacy and Memory Preservation, Changes in Elderly Care, New Legal and Ethical Frameworks, Emotional Intelligence and Human Connection to keep Family Together.
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Future of Shopping


Shopping will become Global and trends will include: Online, Virtual Mall, Loyalty Privileges Based, Reliable other User Feedback or experience Based, Feedback from Known Social Group Members, Set Schedule Based, Return Policies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assisted Personalized Experience, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Personal Assistants during Shopping. Future Shopping related issues include: Shop Space Design that Reflects Personalization for Target Customers, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Assisted, Drone or Automated Delivery, 3D Printing at Home, Shift to Subscription and Rental Services, Smart Appliances that Auto order Replenishments, Digital Payments, Health Conscious Purchasing, Smart Packaging, Interactive Products, Customized Products, Integration of Shopping with Smart Homes, Enhanced Cyber Security, Independent and Artisanal Retail Supplier, On Demand Production & Delivery
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Future of Marketing


Marketing Trends include Behavioral Data Driven Marketing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assisted Hyper-Personalization, Search engine optimization (SEO), Dynamic and Real-Time Marketing, Social-Media Platform Marketing, Micro-Influencer Marketing, Subscription-based Marketing Models, Content Co-Creation with Consumers. Issues we will face in future include Ethical and Sustainable Marketing, Decentralized Marketing Platforms, AI-Generated Marketing Content, Integration of Physical and Digital Marketing, Individualized or Localized Marketing, Customer Sensitive Eco-friendly and Green Marketing, Interactive and Shoppable Media based Marketing, Use of Brand Communities, Global and Cross-Cultural Marketing, Use of Immersive Technologies like AR and VR, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, Voice and Conversational AI, Multi-Sensorial Marketing. Artificial Intelligence (AI) BOTs for Customer Service, Neuromarketing will enable deeper insights into consumer responses.
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Future of Public Places


Future will see Smart Public Places with latest IoT applications, Green & Sustainable Design, Augmented Reality (AR) assisted Interactive and Adaptive Environments, Increased Accessibility and Inclusivity, Inclusive and Barrier-Free Design, Safety and Security, Community Interaction & Engagement Spaces, Interactive Learning Environment, Public Health Supported Design & Content, Urban Public and Private Transportation Connectivity. Public Places will be redesigned for Local Climate Change Impact Expected, Promoting Cultural and Artistic Expression, Data-Driven Design and Maintenance, Flexible and Multipurpose Design, Integration with Nature, Incorporate Urban Agriculture and Local Food Production, Interactive and Smart Playgrounds, Multisensory Experiences. Future: Spaces for Remote Work and Connectivity, Dynamic and Event based Reconfigurable Spaces, Modular and Mobile Public Spaces, Pedestrian and Cyclist Infrastructure, Environment Regenerative Design, Social Innovation & Project Hubs, Adaptive Reuse of Public Spaces, Public Art and Digital Installations, Support Vibrant Night-time Economy.
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Future of Manufacturing


Future will see a Shift to Smart Factories, Localized Factories (Reshoring), 3D Printing, B2C Production Systems, Emerging Sensors, LIDAR 4D Sensors & Systems, Internet of Things (IoT) Devices, Data Analytics in Everything, Artificial Intelligence in Everything using emerging Algorithms, Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) (ChatGPT), Robotics, Digital Twins to Simulate and more, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Metaverse for Virtual Prototyping, Refining Designs and simulating production. Future will bring Increasing Leveraging, Synergizing and Convergences among above trends and will use Key Enablers including Fast Communications 6G+++. Benefits: Increasing Operational Efficiency, Increased Productivity, Flexible Production, Customized Production, Rapid Prototyping, Increased Safety, Reduced Manpower Use, Better Working Conditions for Workers, Continual Re-Skilling of Workforce including using AR/VR, More Specialized Workforces. These technologies will bring us Benefits including Reduced Downtimes, Modular Products, Faster Repairs, Proactive Repairs, Remote After Sales Servicing, Sustainability Regulatory Compliance (ESG).
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Future of Industrial Logistics


21st Century Logistics collaborative ecosystems will revolutionize the landscape. Companies will forge more partnerships and engage in resource-sharing, including warehouses and delivery networks, aiming to enhance efficiency and lower expenses. There will be an Increasing Shift from B2B to B2C Directly Serving the Customer. Leveraged Technologies in Logistics will include Blockchain, Smart Contracts (TradeLens), Chain-of-Custody, Digital and Physical NFTs (Non-Fungal Tokens), 4D Lidar, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be key enabler technology. We will see New Delivery Systems: Drones, Self-Drive Vehicles, Dedicated Corridors, Artificial Intelligence Assisted Routing and Hyperloop-Type Systems.
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Future of Sports in 21st Century


Sports equipment will continually evolve becoming more safe, efficient, and personalized. These innovations will push the boundaries of human performance, and enhance personalizing training and competition experiences, and promote sustainable practices. Future Trends and Issues include: Increasing Technological Disparities among Participants, Ethical Concerns with Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Technology Aided Performance Enhancement, Athlete Data Privacy and Security, Maintaining Fan Engagement, Climate Change Mitigated Facilities, Health and Safety of Extreme Sporting, Governance and Regulation, Inclusivity and Accessibility, Economic Disparities, Ensuring Integrity and Fair Play, Legal Challenges Contracts, IP, Liabilities, Balancing Tradition and Innovation, Mental Health Issues, Globalization Challenges, Sustainability, Performance Analysis and Enhancement, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assisted Talent Identification and Scouting, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation, Keeping Fan Engagement and Personalization, Automated Officiating and Fair Play, Wearable Sporting Technologies, Virtual Coaching and Training, Predictive Analytics for Team Management, Enhanced Broadcasting Experiences, Sports Medicine and Healthcare, Sports Business Operations and Revenue Optimization, Ethical and Governance Challenges
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